Company Profile

Universal Shipping Alliance is a first class global ship manager that provides high standard integrated management services, as agents only, to the owners of ocean-going vessels which trade in every major commercial area of the world.
These include:

  • Technical Management
  • Safety and Quality services
  • Recruitment, training and appointment of qualified seafarers
  • Vessel Operations
  • Insurance
  • Chartering and Sale and Purchase advice and services

Top quality services are achieved through our advanced Integrated Health Safety Quality and Environmental Management System (EMS) while Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are constantly monitored to ensure continuous improvement.

Our Mission

Shipping promotes world peace and elevates people's standard of living throughout the world. Our mission is to safely and efficiently deliver goods to people around the world by managing a world class fleet of ships.

We strive to be an industry leader, providing first class quality services with maximum efficiency and zero casualties, exceeding all safety and environmental requirements and customer expectations.

Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental Policy

The Company's policy is to promote the continuous improvement of Safe and Environmentally friendly working practices under healthy working conditions and satisfy customer requirements while complying with all applicable regulations.

The Company is committed to manage and continually improve its HSQE performance. This is done by identifying and mitigating risks, setting, reviewing and achieving HSQE objectives and targets, training employees and encouraging suppliers and contractors to adopt environmentally friendly working methods. The Company’s goal is to achieve ZERO incidents and ZERO oil spills through continuous improvement.

The Company has developed, implements and maintains an Integrated Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental Management System (IMS) in compliance with the ISM Code and ISO 14001, seeking to:

  • Responsibilities, authority levels and lines of communication for HSQE matters are clearly defined.
  • All shore and sea personnel are properly qualified, familiarized and trained.
  • All HSQE aspects of the managed vessels are continuously monitored.
  • Vessels are frequently inspected and properly maintained in compliance with applicable regulations.
  • Key shipboard operations are performed safely in compliance with applicable legislation.
  • Non-conformities, accidents and near misses are reported and analyzed and proper corrective and preventive actions are taken for identified problem areas.
  • All personnel are always adequately prepared for responding to emergency situations.
  • All documents and data relevant to the IMS are controlled.
  • Internal audits and Management reviews of the IMS are performed to improve its effectiveness.

The Company maintains procedures and takes appropriate measures to ensure that:

  • Provide for safe practices and a safe working environment.
  • Assess all risks to the ships, personnel and the environment and establish appropriate safeguards.
  • Ensure compliance with Regulations and consider applicable Guidelines and Standards.

ALL personnel are responsible to comply with this policy and actively contribute in its continuous implementation. It is regularly reviewed to ensure it remains relevant and effective.

Security Policy

It is the Policy of UNIVERSAL SHIPPING ALLIANCE LTD, hereinafter called the “Company”, to provide a secure work environment on board its ships, by establishing and maintaining the security measures needed to prevent unlawful acts that threaten the safety and security of personnel and property onboard the ships.
The objectives of the Company are to:

  • implement security procedures in the operation of the ships to safeguard the security of port facilities and relevant wide range regional communities;
  • establish the protection measures to mitigate the risks against the passengers and crew onboard and the personnel of port facilities;
  • enhance the ability and consciousness of ship and shore personnel of the Company relating to the security;
  • provide emergency response measures for the potential security incidents.

The foregoing objectives shall be accomplished by:

  • Ship Security Assessment and Ship Security Plan (SSP) for each individual ship;
  • comprehensive training for all personnel of the Company related to security;
  • positive enhancement of security consciousness by all personnel related to security;
  • periodic review of security procedures and security plans, and internal audit, that should enable a continuous improvement and up-dating of the security plans.

Every personnel of the Company are required to observe the procedural requirements specified in the Ship Security Plan (SSP), and familiarize themselves with the security related duties and necessary measures to safeguard the ship from all unlawful acts.

On behalf of the Company, the undersigned declares as follows:

The Master has the overriding authority and responsibility to make decisions with respect to the safety and security of the ship and to request assistance of the Company or of any Contracting Government as may be necessary. If, in his professional judgment, a conflict between any safety and security requirements applicable to this ship arises during his period of command, the Master will give effect to those requirements necessary to maintain the safety of the ship.

The Company shall give the necessary support to the Company Security Officer (CSO), Master of the ship and Ship Security Officer (SSO) to fulfil their duties and responsibilities in accordance with the requirements of Chapter XI-2 of SOLAS 1974 as amended and relevant paragraphs of the ISPS Code.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

The Company’s Management is committed to a safe, healthy and productive working environment for all seafarers onboard managed vessels. The possession, use or distribution of ALCOHOL or of ILLEGAL DRUGS or SUBSTANCES is STRICTLY PROHIBITED on board.

The Drug and Alcohol Policy is applicable to all forms of substance abuse. Seafarers on prescribed medication must declare this to the Manning Agents and the Master upon joining the vessel, or upon prescription if during onboard service.

All seafarers are recognised as key participants to the successful implementation of this Policy and are responsible for this towards the Company, including their fellow crew members. Under no circumstances is any seafarer allowed to perform assigned duties under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The Master is responsible for monitoring its onboard implementation by ensuring full understanding by all personnel, conducting random drug/alcohol searches and screening of seafarers, and immediately notifying the Office in case of any abuse.

The Master and Office Representatives conduct random unannounced onboard drug/alcohol searches and may require any seafarer to undertake drug/alcohol testing.

Any violation of this Policy may cause heavy penalties including instant dismissal and repatriation of the violator, who will undertake to cover his own expenses from the first convenient Port, or handing over to the local authorities.

Flag, Port or Coastal State requirements, which exceed the requirements of this Policy, must be adhered to as if included in this Policy.


The Company is committed to complying with all regulatory requirements as well as managing and continually improving its environmental performance with the overall goal of preventing pollution and reducing adverse environmental effects.

This is done by identifying and mitigating risks, setting and achieving environmental objectives and targets, training its employees and encouraging suppliers and contractors to adopt environmentally-friendly working methods Our Environmantal Management System is a continual cycle of planning, implementing, reviewing and improving the processes and actions that we undertake to meet our environmental goals related to our Office and vessels.


Shore employees are carefully selected to meet the company’s high standards of professionalism, integrity, potential and drive. Our emphasis on excellent staff conditions and our ongoing investment in the development of employees allow us to achieve a very productive working environment and high levels of loyalty.

We strongly encourage personal initiative, original ideas, constant collaboration and effective inter-departmental teamwork. This, combined with our effective integrated management system procedures, allow the shore team to undertake complex projects, handle complicated problems and offer effective support to the vessels and their crews so as to promote safety and improve operational efficiency.

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